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What this certificate course will give you

At the end of this course, you will understand the principles and practice of direct and interactive marketing for any product or service.

You will also know how to deal confidently with any of the processes and decisions that lead to successful campaigns and greater profit.

Module 1 – The basics of Direct and Interactive Marketing

To become a true professional you must understand what D&IM is - and what it isn’t, how it differs from other kinds of marketing - and where it fits into society, business and marketing.

You need to understand the context: how marketing always reflects changes in society, finance and technology – which explain why this kind of marketing will inevitably continue to grow.

You need to understand how it helps to build brands, how you plan, how you acquire and retain customers.

In short, you need to understand the basics - which this module covers.

Module 2 – Planning for D&IM – strategy and campaigns

Without a good plan, the appropriate strategy and the right tactics you cannot hope to succeed.

You need to define your objectives, work out which communications are best suited to meeting them and write the plan.

You must manage, measure, analyse, forecast, budget and control. And you must constantly assess your progress.

These essentials for success are covered in the module.

Module 3– The European Legal and Social context

One of the chief characteristics that differentiates D & IM from traditional mass marketing is its focus on the individual.

The aim is to serve people better by meeting their individual needs with relevant products and services based on what you know about them, rather than offering the same solution to everyone.

To do this well, marketers need to acquire knowledge about individuals and place that knowledge on a database. This has huge implications to do with privacy.

To conduct ethical and effective D & IM you need a grasp of the relevant legislation, the principles upon which it is based and the way it is changing in Europe.

This module, which covers Data Protection and Privacy, electronic communications and the European Directive, self-regulation and codes of practice helps you avoid costly mistakes that lead to disaster.

Module 4 – The customer as the only profit centre – segmentation, targeting and customer focus

All intelligent marketing investment starts with realising that the lifetime value of a customer is the currency which should determine investment.

And relevance to that customer is the critical determinant in all marketing effectiveness. The more relevant and timely your messages, the more responsive, and thus the more valuable each prospect and customer becomes.

The better you can understand your customers, their behaviour, similarities and differences, the better you can meet their needs and the stronger the relationship and loyalty become.

This means you must understand the important of segmentation, timing, sequences of messages, contact strategies and the central role of the database, which this module covers.

Module 5 - I&DM, a numbers game (research, testing, result analysis and LTV)

Lifetime value is determined by measurement, which lies at the heart of I & DM – and testing lies at the heart of measurement.

Yet few marketers test enough, or understand what should be tested and why. And fewer still understand the statistics involved.

In this module you see why testing is so important, what different types of test are available to you and what testing has revealed.

You also discover how research and testing relate to each other and the strengths and weaknesses of each.

Module 6 – Where to find customers – media planning and integration

Even a weak message, if directed at the tight people or at the right time, will do better than a brilliant one sent to the wrong people or at the wrong time.

That is why the choice, timing and combination of media are so important.

Moreover, the range of media, on-line and off, is constantly expanding. Which should you choose, under what circumstances, and why?

Equally important is how much you pay: effective negotiation is crucial.

This module covers all these important areas, giving you the knowledge you need to make the right decisions.

Module 7 – Getting people to act – creative for D&

The moment of truth comes when the prospect is exposed to your message and pays attention – or doesn’t.

Getting creative right is a huge challenge.

You must understand your product and your customer. You must brief properly, know how to get ideas – and how to evaluate them. You must appreciate how creative works in different media – on-line and off.

And you must know how to evaluate – what tends to work, what doesn’t, and why.

All this and more is covered in this module.

Module 8 – D&IM in practice

Once you understand the principles and processes involved, the important thing is to understand how those principles apply to different businesses and situations – and could be applied to yours.

That is why this module is so important.

In it you will see exactly how as wide range of successful businesses have been built using D&IM, including B2B, charities, financial services, mail order, travel and publishing.

It will also cover the most important commodity in business: how to recruit good people.

Please download a full syllabus by clicking here