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Which do YOU think were the best ads of the last 10 years?

I’ll be running a free webinar next Friday – 20th August at 2pm. If you’d like to attend, please just click on the “Book now” button and secure your place.

When you get your confirmation you’ll also get a link where you can tell us which ads you think were the best of the last decade.

How it works You don’t have to suggest any ads; attendance at the webinar requires nothing except your presence!

The ads can be in any medium for any purpose, and there are no criteria except mine. They don’t have to ask for a response. They just have to be, in your view, among the very best.

If you want to say WHY you think they were so good, please do so.

This is bound to infuriate – already I’m confused by suggestions that came pouring in within minutes of my putting this up on the internet.

But anyhow, I will make my own pick of ten and ignore the rest ... then try to analyse why they were so damn good.

Have fun – and see you next week!