Like to see what Al's little tweaks can do for your online results?

Here's the example we are talking about.

The screen shot above shows a completely flat graph except for a small spike. That spike shows where a client decided to have a go on the content network.They soon pulled out, and you can see why on the bottom line below.

Ouch! They got 618 clicks for 900.66 - and got just four conversions (enquiries, not sales) from it.

That's 225.16 per enquiry - not good when you consider the software they sell costs 40 to 200.

Anyhow, we could see diamonds in their adwords dungheap, so we cajoled them into testing the content network again but with three simple tweaks - and I mean really simple.

Here's what happened.

They spent 234.57 to get 86 conversions. That's 2.73 per enquiry.

A great result!

By the way, these people are still smarter than most. They use their conversions to good effect on the search network - and they were savvy enough to create two campaigns: one for the search network, one for the content network. Remember, it's a different ball game on the content network so your ads need to reflect this - that's why you need separate campaigns.

Al has an uncanny ability look at an adwords account and say within seconds whether we can help you or not. Why not get in touch if you'd like us to look at yours? In fact, why not mail me right now?

One word of warning though - he doesn't have a crystal ball. If you can't get the conversion codes pasted into the right pages on your site, he can't help.